Notable Cases

Michigan Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Bigelow Law Clients For Theft of Funds from an Estate, Resulting in a Judgment of $363,000.00.

Mr. Bigelow sued a disbarred attorney in Circuit Court on behalf of the beneficiaries of an estate after the Defendant had stolen funds from the estate and was criminally prosecuted. The case was initially dismissed by the Circuit Court and the dismissal was subsequently upheld by the Michigan Court of Appeals.  Jim then filed an appeal on behalf of his clients to the Michigan Supreme Court and judgment was then  entered in favor of his clients for $363,000.00 in Circuit Court.  The Defendant then attempted to have the judgment discharged in bankruptcy court, but Jim obtained a successful ruling preventing the discharging of the debt in bankruptcy.

Industrial Property Tax Appeal Results in $811,400.00 Reduction in True Assessed Cash Value.

Jim’s client purchased vacant industrial land for $450,000.00 and began developing the property. Shortly thereafter, the property was then assessed by the township at $1,352, 200.00. After a day-long hearing before the Michigan Tax Tribunal, the assessed and true cash value was determined to be $540,800.00 for the tax year in question.

Bigelow Law, P.C. Recovers $170,000.00 After Suing an Individual for Converting $105,000.00 From His Elderly Neighbor.

Mr. Bigelow represented the Estate of Henry Louis Hodge, Jr. and filed suit against a neighbor of the elderly Mr. Hodge after the neighbor had stolen $105,000.00 which originated from Mr. Hodge’s Comerica bank account. The case was settled three days prior to trial in September of 2021 with the Defendant paying the Estate a total of $170,00.00 in damages.

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